News; Francesco Guasti presents Cercami Adesso, the melancholic ballad of summer 2017

News; Francesco Guasti presenta Cercami Adesso, la ballad malinconica dell'estate 2017

Music, News; Francesco Guasti presents Cercami Adesso, a melancholic song that tells the end of the summer

Music, News; For Francesco Guasti the summer in a way has just begun. This year we have been able to listen to several happy songs, The Giornaisti with Riccione, Giusy Ferreri‘s Party Adesso, Francesco Gabbani‘s Estate and Ermal Meta‘s Ragazza Paradiso. Artists who have told how beautiful we can expect from the summer, the season of loves, lightness, feelings, etc … Then there is Francesco Guasti who with his song Cercami Adesso tells that melancholic flavor that how beautiful they can leave us These emotions.

“This summer I preferred to propose a ballad, a song that recalls some of my childhood summers and tells about those love or friendships that are born this season.- Tell Francesco Guasti exclusively in New Feeling.- Cercami Adesso tells me a little ‘ Of this melancholy that leaves us on the beaches born in front of the sea, but who did not happen at least once in life to fall in love in the summer and to be forced to let him go? Well, my track Looks Now tells me this Extremely happy time, which leaves us a melancholy love that accompanies us even in the fall”.

The artist after Sanremo 2017, Francesco Guasti (Click here to read his interview) is not going to stop … In fact, the artist is already in the pipeline with a new project that provides a surprise for the fans. “I am currently living a beautiful artistic moment, as I said before for a few weeks I returned to full charge in radio rotation with Cercami Adesso, the new single extracted from the Universo album presented this winter Sanremo … But in this frangent I returned to studio Recording to prepare my fans a great surprise. But now I can not tell you more, it still has a bit of patience”.


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