News, Inigo on radio with Osare: “A photo roll I had forgotten”

News, Inigo in radio con Osare Un rullino fotografico che avevo dimenticato

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Inigo is in rotation with the song Osare: “A photo roll I had forgotten somewhere.”

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Inigo this summer has decided to propose for this summer 2017 a piece that tells the beauty of the memories but not only … Osare urges to go beyond the appearances beyond our limits, beyond all that surrounds us.

Inigio for the song Osare has chosen a pop sound but still leaves room for acoustic instruments, as can also confirm the continuous guitar riffs that blend their foundations into rock. What is most striking, however, is the Osare song that heavy-rock musical touch. To tell us all in detail was Inigo himself in an interview with New Feeling.

Osare … What about Inigo “dare”?

If you give me a “Osare” metaphor is a kind of photo roll I had forgotten somewhere and that once I found it I decided to develop it.

The video shows a change of role of the protagonists, interpretable almost as a revelation. What does your song say in detail?

Actually the song and the video clip travel on two seemingly parallel tracks, they seem to never touch but in fact the meeting point is there and it is definitely the concept of “Osare”. The video clip is quite clear in his narration, a couple who is not sure whether friends or boyfriends decide to swap their roles for one night is a sort of escape from themselves to try and find themselves. The song, on the other hand, marks the stages that in one way or another I believe have been part of everyone’s life, puts you in front of “sliding doors”, asks you questions but at one point justifies you and suddenly does not make you anymore Look back with that sense of anguish given by the time that passes inexorably but brings you into a romantic dimension of romantic nostalgia. It’s a piece that comes more for obvious reasons than those who have already passed 30, under 30 are still in the “opening all the doors with their hands …”

News, Inigo in radio con Osare Un rullino fotografico che avevo dimenticato

Rock, pop, hard rock … Osare presents different musical facets, explains in detail what is closest to the track?

In general, the “catalogs” in the field of art I try to avoid them as the plague, if I really have to, I call it a songwriter with one foot and a half in pop, the other half of one of the two ranges based on what the emotion of Song requires. “Osare” specifically is a pop piece with electric guitars. When you say “hard rock” you are most likely to refer to the tail of the piece, there are two turns of acoustic guitar and voice, I repeat like a mantra “who is the cause of its mal rida same” and to emphasize the concept in the next two turns enters A distorted electric guitar along with the bass and the battery, here, half of one of the two feet went out a bit off the pop fence, but not even so much.

What are your commitments for this summer?

The summer for me and the band started pretty early this year, in fact since May I left the Tour “which took us around Italy until June. We did a dozen concerts and probably In the meantime, we are preparing for the release of my “Third Debut Record”, which will most likely see the light in the fall and from there we will start with the concerts.


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