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A modern retro music … Why did you decide to revisit some of the great classics like Renato Carosone’s in modern style?

The choice arises from the desire to rewrite and reinterpret a classical Italian music that was so successful in the 1950s, and who recounts spasmodic research of wealth through oil through carefree and irresistible irony of Neapolitan. We wanted to give a “modern retro” dress to give our great Renato Carosone and Gegè Di Giacomo homage to our way.

Carneval Petrol has been revisited with a more pop sound, without however abandoning the swing matrix that characterizes the song. How is the remix of this song born?

All comes from a great teamwork. I’ve always liked the songs of Carosone, in fact, in our repertoire I have included several. Petrol Caravan, was the first track to wear the electronic robe in the album and so, along with another arranger Salvo Dub, there has been continuous sound and interpretation research to personalize something known and which is an integral part Of the history of Italian music. We like to play reckless songs, this experiment we did in the first album with the cover of “Pippo does not know” that brought us a lot of luck, in fact it was included in a compilation with artists such as Carosone, Arigliano, Toquinho and Distributed by Putumayo Records, American label of World music.

For a while, this part is in radio rotation for your unpublished, Tarquino and Dudu. Do you want to tell us something about the track?

For now, our unpublished official has not officially emerged but is in daily rotation on Rai Isoradio as finalist at the prestigious Lunezia Prize where we got to play on July 21st. It is a reggae song, very sunny, that tells the desire to escape, by two exotic birds, from the cold winter of the city. An escape that also represents the desire to escape from the frenetic rhythms that our modern times have imposed on us and that move away from that “creative care” that nourishes the mind, the soul, and the body.

We are already alive in the summer, what are your agenda commitments?

The upcoming commitments will be a Festival where we will pay tribute to the great Fred Buscaglione. After the end of the Lunezia prize we will continue to play around until October. On site there is also the organization of a national tour to let us know our new job

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