Music, News; Rivoltelle … a rock explosion in the Play and Replay album

Music, News; Rivoltelle and their rock explosion with the Play and Replay album! An overwhelming disc between unpublished and “musically stravelled” covers.

Music, News; The Rivoltelle have presented an album with innovative sound, but it has its roots in the typical hard rock of the ’90s. Think of great songs like Cuccuruccucù by Franco Battiato, could you imagine it in a hard rock version? The female rocker group Play and Replay has been able to give Battiato‘s song, along with other covers, a totally different life.

Tracks like Cuccuruccucù, Guarda che luna of Fred Buscaglione, Bang Bang of Nancy Sinatra, and La Musica è finita by Ornella Vanoni have been revisited by Le Rivoltelle in totally hard rock key, with the sound of the electric guitars particularly pronounced and the voice of the singer scratchy.

Le Rivoltelle’s bravery does not end here! Inside the Play and Replay disc there are also some unpublished songs like Quel che resta and Fortissimo. Even in this case, the songs in question emphasize the soul of the girl band, musicians almost blocked in the 1970’s, where the punk and the 90s were marked by hard and heavy rock.

In Le Rivoltelle however, a very important thing is to be recognized … The fusion of these particular genres in the Italian language, a typical quality of a few groups like Lifiba.

Well, evoke the pink rock of Le Rivoltelle!

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