Exclusive Interview, Emanuela Tittocchia: I like listening to Italian music

Emanuela Tittocchia

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Emanuela Tittocchia exclusive to New Feeling! The actress, also known as Carmen of Centro Vetrine, opened her heart telling her relationship with music.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Emanuela Tittocchia, acting and music … The actress has decided to relate exclusively to her relationship with music, which in part also pushed her towards acting.

Art should therefore be loved in all its dimensions, without scoring in categories. We can thus summarize the exclusive interview that Emanuela Tittocchia has released to us at New Feeling.

Today on New Feeling we want to know Emanuela Tittocchia in another aspect, namely the musical one. In your everyday life, what do you usually hear?

Well I like listening to Italian music, or anyway pop music. Besides, it could not be otherwise, I was born in the ’70s and grew up in the’ 80s so the musical influences are those. I’m basically a lover of the typical Italian songwriter, even though I listen to great international artists such as Madonna born as an artist in those years.

So what do we find in your personal playlist?

In my playlist, first find Claudio Baglioni, but he has always been my great musical love! He is an artist I know very well, figured I can not find a song that is my favorite, is a singer who I still listen to depending on my moments and my mood. However it is in my playlist with him you can also find Fabio Concato, Rita Pavone, Raf … How do you see me crazy with some songwriters that in many now consider “ancient”.

Emanuela Tittocchia e Claudio Baglioni

Is there a song that you consider your lucky door or still listen to in particular moments of your street, or maybe waiting to enter the scene?

Look over the years I’ve also been able to take part in various musical commitments, even as a mimic, and I can tell you that my battle horse is the song Write me Nino Bonocore. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I’ve always felt it if it was written for me as if I had written it to myself. Now I tell you very dearly … A few years ago I had the honor of presenting one of O ‘Scia’s evenings, the Lampedusa concert organized by Claudio Baglioni, and that edition with great guests like Pino Daniele, Sugar, Loredana Bertè, etc … There was Nino Bonocore and I had the immense pleasure of singing me along with him.

What about your musical commitments, however, what do you have in the yard for this summer? Will you move on music or on another?

Actually, I have a great musical project called Musica contro Musica. The show, which I see as a singer, had to start this winter but unfortunately it was postponed because of my otitis. Music Against Music has never been deleted but needs to be revised a bit. These days, however, I’m committed to the movie set “A child at all costs” (together with Maurizio Mattioli and Fabio Gravina), which is, among other things, in the double role of director. The music is handled by Gigi D’Alessio, another artist who has always followed and I really enjoy so much as a musician and as a person.

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