Exclusive Interview, Rosaria Razza of Movie Girotondo: The great beauty of Sorrento is …

Intervista Esclusiva, Rosaria Razza del film Girotondo La grande bellezza di Sorrentino è

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; The actress Rosaria Razza of the film Girotondo tells in music. “Movies like La grande bellezza of Sorrentino are a perfect mix of pictures and music.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Actress Rosaria Razza has decided to speak exclusively about New Feeling. The artist, present in the Girotondo film along with Erika Marconi, is ready for his new film adventure officially started on June 22nd.

Rosaria Razza has told what are her favorite songs but not only … There is something that links her especially to the film of Paolo Sorrentino, La grande bellezza, we discover together what it is.

Music and Movies … Can they coexist without each other?

Music and images can coexist with each other. However, I find that the music is a substantial element in a movie, they are emotional, they allow the images to dance, to stop and to touch those more or less uncovered strings. I think of “Once Upon a Time in America”, “La grande bellezza” of Sorrentino etc. … I’m a perfect mix of image and music, capable of giving me unique emotions. In my opinion, the music manages to give the pictures that something more than we can hit in the depths.

What are the three songs that most represent you as a person?

Three songs that represent me? I claim to be very intimate, so “Ovunque proteggi” by Vinicio Capossela, “Cosa sarà” by Lucio Dalla, “Amor perduto”to Fabrizio De Andrè … Less bad you asked me only three … (Ndr. Smile)

Vinyl, cabin, cd or digital, how do you like to listen to music?

I say that I love music in general, in fact I can really consider it a daily company. My pods and headphones are always with me, but I’m sentimental about the music tape.

What characterizes your character in Girotondo?

The characters I represented are 2, antipodes. At first I am a therapist analyst and after I am the patient in analysis. The latter is a role I feel especially because I have been in the process of analysis so I know very well what emotions you can try. That said did not say that playing this character was easier … But I have to admit it’s a “dress” that I wore with ease compared to the first one.

What do you think about the soundtracks of Girotondo?

Well, I find the soundtrack can communicate … “That music starts, good vision”. 

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