Exclusive Marirosa Fedele Interview: My music is a journey of confident expectation

Intervista Esclusiva Mirirosa Fedele: La mia musica è un cammino di fiduciosa attesa

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Marirosa Fedele a swing of Fragile Lacrima … A song capable of affecting emotions, but with an atypical musical base.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Marirosa Fedele presents her single Fragile Lacrima. The song was composed by the artist in perfect Italian songwriting style, though swinging from that something more than makes it atypical overall.

The music that makes Fragile Lacrima by Marirosa Fedele is a different swing than we are used to usually listen to. The song has a strong rhythm base, highlighted by the various basic sounds that accompany the whole duration of the single.

Do you want to tell us how Fragile Lacrima is born?

The song originates from the desire to tell the story of what I call a “Fragile Lacrima”. Each one of us in his own depth has a vulnerable part that sometimes tells much more than we can believe and in this passage, with an ironic look and deliberately sunny musicality, also typical of Brazilian traditional music, I wanted to tell the moments Of frailty within a couple relationship.

Do you think fragility, like emotion, is the pivot of your music?

Not really, but in this project you do. Having as a fil rouge the tale of stories in which the characters are looking for a moment of sharing with each other, fragility is a driving emotion, but in general my story tells stories of everyday life in which every traveler tells Stories from his time and very often are stories that have as the background the search for a “something” …

If you were to describe your own art as an emotion you would choose?

I would choose the emotion of hope because my music is a bit of a journey of trusting wait …

Does your Fragile Lacrima music sink your roots in swing?

Not really, the fragile tear music is rooted in rumba.

What are the projects you have on site for this summer 2017?

Bring the “Cuciti gli occhi” project through a series of live shows. From May 27th will start the concerts in which I will play the songs contained in the EP and songs of the Brazilian tradition.

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