Exclusive interview with Frida Neri Alma is a mix of real stories, images and songs

Intervista esclusiva a Frida Neri Alma è un mix di storie, veri, immagini e canzoni
Intervista esclusiva a Frida Neri Alma è un mix di storie, veri, immagini e canzoni

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Frida Neri presents her album Alma … “My album is a mix of exciting stories, verses, pictures, songs and sounds!”.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Frida Neri for months has been collecting different success with her Alma record label.
Frida Neri’s album presents itself as a true discovery and search for sounds and words, an artistic mix made with a well-studied rhythm sound. To tell the details of the album Alma, exclusive to New Feeling, it was Frida Neri.


What do we find in your new album Alma?

Good question! What are you finding? Stories, verses, images, songs and passionate sounds! Alma is a world of sound, a small journey, a dimension in which to abandon. It has been thought to be played and played with the heart and I hope that this will boost the audience

Many artists have contributed to the realization of your disc, what did you learn from each of them?

Beauty, palate beauty! The cure in giving birth to a certain sound, to a certain phrasing, to the choices that have been made. And then the ability to listen and understand each other, the world of the other. Only in this way, you can alchemically create a spell!

What is the musical instrument you think best represents you and that we always find in your music?


Well, guitar is with me forever; Yet in this record I could not do without a single tool involved!

With “Alma” the reference to the soul is necessary … How do you define your artistic soul?

Eh …! (Ndr Smile) This is a mystery that I try to understand from day to day, turn-around … it’s like a sort of hiding …

What are the agenda for this summer?

There will be concerts in various formations: from dates alone, to trio (guitar and flutes) to full training. Keep an eye out for the fridaneri.com site. 


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