The new album by Diego Esposto, “… È meglio se dormi con me”, here’s the exclusive interview


Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Diego Esposito is the protagonist of the summer 2017 with the single Vecchio Eliporto, second extract from the album “… È più comodo se dormi con me”.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Diego Esposito the perfect mix between old music and new school? The artist in these weeks is in rotation, also radio, with the second extract from the album “… È più comodo se dormi con me”, that is, the single Vecchio Eliporto. Listening to the whole album we can realize that Diego Esposito has composed music that is not just dictated by the artistic vein …

The tip of the disco “… È più comodo se dormi con me” without any shadow of doubt is Vecchio Eliporto. The single is purely summer, where the guitar is the absolute master of sound, in a way that succeeds in it

as if it could undo all the other instruments. The Vecchio Eliporto lyrics, ironically at times, is very close to the current Brunori Sas style, which allows us to catalog Diego Esposito in that niche of songwriters who are alongside Italian light music in an attempt to renew it according to a more pop sound.

Listening to the record work “… È più comodo se dormi con me” we can see how the artist was probably influenced by both Brunori Sas and Francesco De Gregori. The influence of De Gregori can be found in the songs in Toscana, Le parole vanno da sé, Come fosse primavera and Una canzone. Innovations, however, can be found in songs such as Fisica Quantistica and Chi Festeggiare, among other things, these two songs are the ones that are closer to the style of Brunosi Sas. That said can be demonstrated by approaching Fisica Quantistica at Lamezia Milano in Brunori, although this is definitely more pop rock and less romantic, and Chi Festeggiare the Singer of the same author Colpo di pistola, even here with a reversal of the themes.

The only song, unfortunately, that stays in the rhythm of Diego Esposito’s album is the opening, In una stanza. The rhythm of the song is too static and does not come naturally with text that is well structured and very significant. If the singer for the singer had chosen a more rocky sound and less ballad, the result would probably be different.

To tell us better about this new musical adventure, however, was Diego Esposto himself in an exclusive interview with New Feeling.

Vecchio Eliporto has such harmonic music that it is difficult to classify it according to a musical genre. Can you tell us how this song is born?

This song has come to my mind in an abandoned Vecchio Eliporto, is my personal reflection that I put into music.

How is the choice of a clear sound blended with electronic sounds in targeted phrases?

In fact there are no electronic sounds, there is a simple filter in the voice, it becomes mechanical in the phrases a bit screamed. (Smile)

What has changed from Come fosse primavera?

Nothing changed, both songs are part of the usual record, “… È meglio se dormi con me” There are two different facets of my music, but they actually have a logical thread that is too long to explain in words, so I recommend listening to the disc.

When did you realize your career was music?

Ever since, I’ve always thought more about music than anything else.

What are your projects for this summer 2017?

I will do some concerts around, meanwhile I work on the next record and other projects.









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