92/5000 Exclusive Interview, Marialda Castaldo: After Hello Hello I dream an album written by myself

Ultima Ora Londra brucia, fiamme nel Grenfell Tower: "Ci sono morti"
Ultima Ora Londra brucia, fiamme nel Grenfell Tower: “Ci sono morti”

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Mariantonia Castaldo sings Hello Hello for Massimo Ceccherini. The Italian singer is ready for a new important music track: “I dream of an album written by myself”.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Mariantonia Castaldo and the English Language Approach! The singer has been very successful with the landing in the movie world thanks to the single Hello Hello. The song, in fact, was the soundtrack of the Smile Factor movie with Massimo Ceccherini and directed by Igor Biddau.

The singer of Mariantonia Castaldo, Hello Hello, can be seen as a dive in the past. The song comes with a typical ballet sound of the ’90s, with various repetitions of the chorus followed by a few verses … Electronic games are more focused on the chorus, almost like the words “Hello“, but without the rhythm Musical character that characterizes the single. To tell us all in detail, however, it was Mariantonia Castaldo himself exclusive to New Feeling.

What did you think about when you knew you had to work with Massimo Ceccherini?

I was very happy, Massimo Ceccherini always liked me, and the idea of ​​making a song in my movie was a lot of arousing me.

How does Hello Hello originate and what does it say in specific terms?

Hello Hello was born as a soundtrack to the movie, to be entertained by theme, with the scene in the movie, talking about a love that takes you totally, one you can not forsake, a fresh love.

The mix of electro dance and pop years 90 is born for a specific reason or do you think that this artistic style represents you in full?

It certainly represents a part of me, I found myself comfortable and I enjoyed it so much. The song drags and I let myself be carried.

Click here to listen —> https://open.spotify.com/track/35EHuHgcIQlpspOMLhhZDj

Beyond Hello Hello what are your music projects for this 2017?

An album that contains songs written by me, and which represents all the facets of music that I like to sing

Are you planning some live for this summer?

Yes, the closest one is a live that I will do with the band here in Naples, where I will present my songs and some covers. Details will be published on my Facebook page. 

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