Exclusive Interview, Rhumorenero with Masks: Rock will save the world

Intervista Esclusiva, RHrumorenero con Maschere: Il rock salverà il mondo

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; RHumorener the reinvention of Italian rock? The group’s music has one hymn: Rock will save the world!

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; RHumorenero come to the ground with a new single named Maschere. The song has a rock sound, or rather a heavy old school. The group, in fact, for its single decided to resume the typical rhythmic sounds of the 90’s.

The RHumorenero with the single Maschere in a way have decided to propose to the Italian music market a particular type of rock, which in recent years has been represented by Litfiba. Experiment succeeded? Judge it as you read the exclusive interview of RHumorenero released exclusively to New Feeling.

Do you rock soul more rock you can not or I’m wrong?

Rock will save the world!

What is your conception of noise and black, since the combination of these two words gives the band the name?

Noise and black are two things that are often found in modern society, surrounded by loud noises from cities with their cars, from television to phones etc … black is the color of depth, what we are trying to call into music And in the texts.

How hard is it to make rock in Italian?

It’s hard to rock in Italy! Sent in Italian is not simple, I personally believe that they always need important themes, the spirit of these times does not leave us indifferent for which our research is very deep, often hears the melody to the correct word and to the general aesthetics Not much care of the content, that is why sometimes many Italian songs do not communicate anything.

Intervista Esclusiva, RHrumorenero con Maschere Il rock salverà il mondo

What do you talk about in the Maschere?

As we wrote the text we imagined that each of us, in his own room, had a closet where he held all the masks built over time, one for each situation. Specifically, he describes the mask as something necessary to protect us from our home walls where we are faced with a totally insensitive social system.

What do you remember with pleasure about the experiences with Virgin Radio and what will your next appointments be on the agenda?

Virgin Radio has brought us into the mainstream and of course has changed our artistic lives by giving us visibility and enormous satisfaction, we have summer concerts and a new production that we can not unveil now … continue to follow us!

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