Exclusive Interview Foxy Lady The Voice of Italy: a foxswing music for Nero Pastello

Intervista Esclusiva Foxy Lady The Voice of Italy: una musica foxswing per Nero Pastello
Intervista Esclusiva Foxy Lady The Voice of Italy: una musica foxswing per Nero Pastello

Music, News, Exclusive Interview, Le Foxy Ladies after The Voice of Italy … How to forget the three sisters who fascinated everyone with their talent. After a brief musical break, here comes the first record work Nero Pastello.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview, Le Foxy Ladies are back after The Voice of Italy full of talent, but above all with so much good music. At the time of the talent show, if you remember, the three sisters had distinguished themselves among all the other artists for their way of singing in perfect sync … As if the music disappeared from one moment to the next.

After the end of The Voice of Italy, Foxy Ladies are back on track with a new singer named Nero Pastello, the single featuring the RadioFoxy debut album. A song halfway between swing and blues, to tell us all in detail and exclusive about New Feeling were the three artists Federica, Ambra and Sara Baccaglini.

What has changed since you participated in The Voice?

Surely with the participation in The Voice we have been aware of the impact of our energy with a wider audience; This gave us the charge to start leaving our track in Italian music by writing and creating our unpublished songs. This is the journey we want to go!

After a break, are you back with Nero Pastello, how did this singer come up specifically?

The single was born from an idea of ​​Ambra who wrote the text, telling it sparklingly and lightly of those days when the day begins with the wrong foot and where everything has a blacker color than usual, that is a nice “Nero Pastello”. But then, suddenly, something turns and moods change: the word of a friend, a smile, a beautiful image …. the day is full of colors and grooves. After all, if you are not dressed in pastel black, you can not even appreciate the colors that come later! This is our philosophy.

How would you define your blues or swing music?

In fact we should create a new term to define it, which could be about this: “foxswing” (obviously joking!) Or blueswing, though our musical matrix, our great love, embraces all Black music, so also The soul, the funky, the rhythm’n’blues.

What was the artistic model that you have always taken as a reference model?

We were fortunate enough to meet many American gospel and blues artists who were on tour here in Italy in the past years; Our first models were theirs. But we love a lot of artists: from Aretha Franklin to Ray Charles, from Ella Fitzgerald to Yma Sumac, from Erikah Badu to Adele to our Titian Ferro, Giorgia, Ermal Meta and others.

What will we be busy in the summer?

We will be engaged in many concerts in Italy and of course we will meet our fans on the web as we like to do!

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