Fabri Fibra ft TheGiornalisti with Pamplona … will this be the summer tormentone of 2017?

Fabri Fibra ft TheGiornalisti con Pamplona... sarà questo il tormentone dell'estate 2017?
Fabri Fibra ft TheGiornalisti con Pamplona… sarà questo il tormentone dell’estate 2017?

Music, News, Fabri Fibra ft TheGiornalista with Pamplona … No one believed in it at first and yet the song is gaining the deserved success. The right question to ask now is: will the song be the summer’s tormenton 2017?

Music, News, Fabri Fibra ft TheGiornalisti with Pamplona … The rapper doubles the success of Fenomeno thanks to a nearly unexpected collaboration, with a sound from the 90’s to the 80’s. So the song will be the tormentone of summer 2017?


Fabri Fibra has come back to the fore with a newer, more pop sound that reminiscent of the 90’s / 80’s … It’s no coincidence that collaboration with TheGiornalisti (Ndr. A group that seems to have come out in the positive sense Of course, from a classic Italian comedy). In a way, it’s as if Fabri Fibra had rediscovered the clear sound, with a few electronic games, letting it drag at a pure pace. The rapper did not suggest a work like this from the Applausi per Fibra, so much so that Pamplona seems destined to follow the same destiny. It would seem that Fabri Fiber decided to resume a bit his music in the year 2006. The perfect analogy can be made between Applausi per Fibra and Fenomeno, but what distinguishes the rapper now lies in the heer managed to find A perfect musical mix from which Pamplona was born.

Listening to Pamploma the first thing we can notice is how Fabri Fibra has resumed that particular way of making rap that has given him the notoriety, while music is stripped of some electronic effects and lightened by the voice of Tommaso Paradiso of TheGiornalists. Can we say now that Fibra will be the absolute king in the summer 2017 landscape? The track is currently one of the most transmitted on the radio, it is at the top of the charts and the Wind Music Award 2017 has been super-rewarded … So how do YouTube views stand at seven million?

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