Boosta Exclusive Interview, Partita del Cuore 2017: It’s a privilege to do what you love

Boosta Intervista Esclusiva, Partita del Cuore 2017: È un privilegio fare ciò che si ama
Boosta Intervista Esclusiva, Partita del Cuore 2017: È un privilegio fare ciò che si ama

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Boosta da Amici 16 to the Partita del Cuore 2017 … The musician, who is especially known for his artistic career with the Subsonica, is ready for a new challenge of solidarity with the Nazionale Cantanti.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Boosta without doubt is one of the musicians who most influenced Italian music. How to forget about the great success that Subsonica has gained over the past twenty years, combined with the personal paths of individual members outside the group

This year we got to know Boosta (Davide Dileo) better thanks to his professional career in the school of Amici 16, next to Morgan and then Emma Marrone… Day 30 May we will see him engaged in the field With the Nazionale Cantanti at the Partita del Cuore, this year will be held at the Juventus Stadium which will be donated to the Fondazione Piemontese, for the Ricerca sul Cancro Onlus and the Fondazione Telethon.

How many years have passed since your first match with the Nazionale Cantanti record?

I think it’s been three years since my first match with the Nazionale Cantati … Let’s put it this way (Ndr. Ride). I was a player at the end of the career and the NIC wanted to give me a new chance.

Is there a game where you participated with the National Singers that you remember in particular?

It is not correct with regard to all the activities we do during the year. The truth is that at each game we are happy to go into the field, to meet special people, to share time and stories. Those who come to the games go out happy and the recess becomes an important background sometimes for the realities that operate on the territory.

What is the goal you want to achieve on May 30, considering that the initiatives of the Nazionale Cantanti are always well received by the public?

Let’s beat the record! We give you the opportunity to seek to keep up and running. Our commitment is minimal but can simply change people’s work. This means living in a civil society and, above all, important, responsible.

After the Partita del Cuore in what will you be engaged?

From June 1 onwards I will do what I like or that, look, remember … Write that I see, a bit as I have always and that I will continue to do. It is a privilege to live by doing what you love.

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