Music, Exclusive Interview with Andrea Paone: I love beautiful, authentic music

Musica, Intervista esclusiva a Andrea Paone: Amo la musica bella, autentica
Musica, Intervista esclusiva a Andrea Paone: Amo la musica bella, autentica

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Andrea Paone ready to make room in the world of Italian music? Several times, here at New Feeling, we have been able to talk about emerging artists … And from this world comes a new artist full of music to propose!

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Andrea Paone is a new and young artist ready to play with his music … A guitar, many words and all the melody he needs to make his dream come true. Recently Andrea Paone has released his single Sale.


Sale is a container song, in fact already from the first listening we can guess the mix of musical genres such as rock and electronics. To tell us everything in detail, however, was Andrea Paone during the exclusive interview, released to us by New Feeling.

Rock music, almost acoustically contaminated by electronic effects. What stylistic influences have contributed to the creation of the Sale song?

Salt is born spontaneously simply with a guitar in hand. Me and Ettore Diliberto decided to give her a dress that reflected the concrete contents expressed with simplicity and dynamism. We have joined the most rock soul of the song to a sound that has given room to electronic sounds.

Listening to the song I could say that the supporting instrument is the guitar … But I think there is something more, confirm?

Certainly. We wanted to blend the guitars with an environment that made the song consistent with the rest of the album released in September in which we embrace many styles with the common denominator of a sound that always has a well-defined identity.

How would you define your music?

True, spontaneous, with sonorities and sought-after arrangements but with immediate impact where perceived simplicity is to be added value.

Is there an artist in particular that you consider your guide?

I love beautiful, authentic music. I’ve always heard all kinds of music. All those who put their heart in the sound and the words they express are for me an important guide.

What are your next commitments for the summer 2017?

During the summer we will promote the singer with appearances in various contexts both live and radio, waiting to be able to present a real show in which to present the entire live album after summer.

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