Music, News, Francesco Gabbani: the artistic change from Eternamente Ora to Magellan

Musica, News, Francesco Gabbani: il mutamento artistico da Eternamente Ora a Magellano

Music, News, Francesco Gabbani boom or flop disguised as successful? Now that after the Eurovision Song Contest the souls have calmed down, we can talk about the Occidentals Karma and the new Magellano album. What has changed after Eternally now?

Music, News, Francesco Gabbani has been called the world phenomenon par excellence, especially after the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer of Massa Carrara in only three minutes whit Occidentali’s Karma managed to dance the entire kiosk of Kiev … Something did not go in the right direction, so that Gabbani placed sixth in the overall standings, however winning the Marcel Bezençon Award Press , Or the Critics Prize. However, since it is useless to weep over poured milk, let us concentrate on something else. The music of Francesco Gabbani as it has changed from the album Eternamente Ora in Magellano?

Eternamente Ora is the tough album that has given real reputation to Francesco Gabbani, who succeeded with the single Amen with which he won the Sanremo Giovani Festival in 2016. The single in question turned out to be a very short time a true And just tormenton, winning Italian radio and various digital platforms. The album Eternamente Ora contains inside if the same electronic soul of Amen, although in some songs this rhythm seems almost exaggerated. What has been said so far is reflected on songs such as Software, La strada and Equilibrio, but for the latter song we are an exception because the sound has been studied in function of the text and not vice versa. The great discovery, however, was to find that the singer from the album name, Eternamente Ora, was born with an electronic sound … There is not much to add except one: thanks to who has decided to turn Eternamente Ora into One of the most beautiful and romantic ballads ever!

This 2017 for Francesco Gabbani turned out to be a real year of artistic change. The song Foglie al gelo, published in the final phase of 2016, had proposed a stylistic change, although it was still unclear. The right pace, however, came with Occidentali’s Karma, so much to be rewarded with the victory at the Sanremo 2017 Festival. Recently, the new artist Magellano’s album has also arrived! The new CD represents the revolution of the artistic journey of a singer who does not entirely abandon the eltropop sound but has learned to handle it better in the songs leaving space for his and his instruments. An example of what is said is the single between Tra le granite e le granate, although personally the song I prefer the album Magellano is my version of the memories … nostalgic sound, where the only protagonists are the rosy voice of Francesco Gabbani And various musical instruments.

Sound search for Francesco Gabbani is probably not over yet, with the release of Magellan, but we can say that he finally found the right path to follow!

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