Exclusive Interview, Ball and Barge: The comic duo in music with Occidentali’s Karma

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; The world of music is also made, especially above all of satire and this one knows very well both Palla and Chiatta! The comic duo has long since decided to revisit the greatest national and international successes in ironic terms.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Sabrina Antonietti and Manuela Tasciotti, in the art Palla and Chiatta, the most musical comic duo of the moment! The two comedians are known in the Italian landscape precisely because of their talent but above all to their musical inonia. For years, Palla and Chiatta are present on YouTube with the satire-style revisions of the greatest national and international successes, the latter of which Occidentali’s Karma by Francesco Gabbani.

Listening to the parody of Occidentali’s Karma we can notice that Palla and Chiatta have slightly modified the rhythm of the original song in order to adapt it to the new text. However, Occidentali’s Karma’ music remains the same even though it’s more “melodic”, even though it is the pop base. The various covers on YouTube, as well as Sofia by Alvaro Soler, emphasize the natural artistic qualities that Palla and Chiatta have always had. There’s nothing left to wonder: how come the two comedians did not choose to continue their career in the music world? The two comedians, Palla and Chiatta, have decided to tell them whether they are and their art here exclusively in New Feeling.

Ball and Barge are more known as two comedians than as musicians. But how do you define yourself?

Palla: Well I would say it is correct considering neither of us is a musician (Ndr Ride). I’m born as a singer then I studied acting and dance and for several years working in the musical world. Ball and Barge are two girls in a round shape that, as an objective, have made them realize that beauty is not given solely by weight. Everything we say of course is comic, we use musical parodies as a vehicle to get a much more meaningful and deep message.

Chiatta: Musicians no, unless you intend to “play” the batteries of pots to fry sleeves; Here we are graduated at the Conservatory of Santa Rosa jams and related. Seriously (not so much) we are two entertainers, as well as liquids. Serving a kind of mission to emancipate ourselves and a part of the plus size companion even in the entertainment world, or at least we try!

When did you realize that what you were doing was the right way?

Palla: Mah … I do not think we can still say that we have taken a right path. Definitely a road we know where we want it to go. In order to say that we chose the right path it will take us a little longer.

Chiatta: We are happy that many people understand what we want to communicate and notice both our lightness and deeper messages and this gives us a gratification! We are still at the beginning but we hope that our smooth track will continue long and with greater opportunities! Cropping a space just for capacity is not a simple thing either in a slim body we figure in an oversize, without any kind of recommendations and we are trying it every day.

On the web in your YouTube channel there are a number of well-known cover songs. Do you still remember how the first song you have revisited has been born?

Palla: This question must answer Barca, who is the creator of the project …

Chiatta: Listening to Friends Like Before Paola and Barge and laughing like a crazy I tried to change it into “Lasagne la mattina” turning a simple breakfast into an unheard-of-a-bar! I liked it so much that I even decided to create the duo!

How was Sofia’s cover, Alvaro Soler’s song that marked the summer 2016?

Palla: All the parodies arise from an idea of ​​Chiatta who chooses the song and the theme to parody, then together we work on the text.

Chiatta: Sofia from the need to “parody” a summer hit but also to make it clear to the men who often bother us that the woman is able to do a lot of things even without them! Of course it is dedicated to humorous men and convinced to be “playful boys” not to any male gender.

Have you already identified the next song to be revisited ironically?

Palla: Gabbani’s song has hit us, as I think most Italians have hit. A light song that talks about important things. A difficult goal to reach. W Gabbani. It is not easy to find a song that immediately gives you an idea of ​​a parody. At the moment, we are watching a few tracks hoping the light bulb will light up!

Chiatta: Occidentali’s Karma became “Taking the media is a drama” we really like and we will continue to promote it a little while pushing Francesco Gabbani for Eurovision hoping to finally win Italy, then on horseback we will be working on another parody We hope to be sympathetic and welcomed by the public as well as the previous ones.

What will be the commitments of Ball and Barge for this 2017? Will we have the opportunity to listen to you in a cabaret show / concert?

Chiatta: We have just been to Pippo Baudo on Sunday and it was great to meet him and to work with his team. A few weeks later we are on tv … But maybe it’s a joke. (They both laugh). For the rest we are in talks for television programs and we are considering proposals, while for the summer days know that performing live is the most beautiful thing! So if you want us to be there! Knowing and listening to live people is a wonderful feeling but our web and live supporters are magical and we can not but thank them indiscriminately and very much.

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