Exclusive Interview; Alessandro Sansone R101: I like everything and the opposite of everything!

Intervista Esclusiva; Alessandro Sansone R101: Mi piace tutto e il contrario di tutto!
Intervista Esclusiva; Alessandro Sansone R101: Mi piace tutto e il contrario di tutto!

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Alessandro Samson is one of the faces and voices known R101, which comes into our homes … But Alexander Samson who is in the life of every day and how he came to run radio and television?

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Alessandro Sansone we have learned to know him better last September thanks to the social room of the Big Brother Vip Italian…  Alessandro Sansone for some time enters our homes with her voice, charisma and music thanks to R101.

One of the nicest aspects of the music industry concerns precisely its sheer size, this fact is inhabited by musicians but not only … Together with the artists there is also strong and charismatic personalities like Alessandro Sansone R101, DJs, radio and TV presenter. Alessandro Sansone who it is in everyday life? What are the passions that helped him to pursue a career in the world of run … But above all, what is your relationship with music?


As a child you wanted to you a future as speaker or musician?

In fact I never looked too much to the future. I always thought to this, and I always wanted the same two things: music and football. A combination that still accompanies me. Music has always been by my side, although it was the vehicle that took me to the nearby radio and television business, which is currently my primary activities. He still plays bass, guitar and piano; sometimes I write for other artists, but above all I’m a DJ. Yes, I know, it is a very different way of playing, but at the moment is the one that represents me the most.

What was the moment when you said: I want and I have to become a speaker?

I was on a promotional tour with my band, I must have been 20 years, and going around the various radio to promote our album, I started thinking more and more often want to be in the place of the conductor, because it was nice that he did. He was there to interview me, but as soon as you turn off the microphone I was interviewing him on that job in my eyes so fascinating to ask my manager what it was to become a radio host, and if I could make it coincide with the music. He told me that I should study diction, and give up dreams of success with the group … I believed him only in part, so the next day I started. So that moment there that I ask you, probably June 21, 2001, after an interview with Radio RockFM.

How would you define your relationship with music?

I like everything and the opposite of everything. Given the fact that I’m a fan of Italian and American rock music cantauriale, it is impossible to tell what music I like better. In fifteen minutes from home I can listen to the radio in the car before Lucio Dalla, then Röyksopp and after Incubus. The music is something so beautiful that it would take a lifetime just to explore it all. But I’d like to be slower the music market, that there was something beautiful that will last longer than the classic current 3 months. Bad Day by Daniel Powter is a contemporary piece, yet you listen to him as if he had aged. Here, I wish there was less amount of music produced, but that it remained more.

Intervista Esclusiva; Alessandro Sansone R101: Mi piace tutto e il contrario di tutto!
Intervista Esclusiva; Alessandro Sansone R101: Mi piace tutto e il contrario di tutto!

There is a tool that has always caught your eye?

A!? There are three! My favorite is the bottom, which I fell in love 13 years in front of a pub which broadcast video clips on a fledgling music network MTV. There was the video for Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana, just published, and immediately after that of a live Give It Away Red Hot, and there I saw Flea, who with his blue hair and naked with only white socks terry on the penis was one of his shows in which was unleashed on the bass riff that later became the poster music Kiedis & co, and the rock of those years in general. Still down, although we look like two ex, it remains my tool.

Care to tell us what are the songs that talk about you, even telling us why?

More Than Words – Extreme. The song of perfect love, was able to say in the most perfect way that I I find it hard even to put in order in my head.

L’anno che verrà – Lucio Dalla. I always had a contentious relationship with time, and with the future (:) parodossale it ended up working with the Radio Times and televsisi). From here ironically on a more beautiful future, more clumsy, imaginative. Principle that sometimes even back in my stories on the radio, I often say “we try to imagine the future.”

Aeroplane – Red Hot Chili Peppers. E ‘was the first bass solo I’ve learned, and still think it’s the coolest and fun. perfect song, funky, rock, pop, dirty, clean, red hot. Although there was Frusciante but Dave Navarro, who I love, who has been in red hot just for the album to which this song is, or One Hot Minute (beautiful).

Drive – Incubus. The beauty of polish rock. A piece

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