81/5000 Exclusive Interview, Un colpo di Pistola of Chiara Ragnini: My soul is Rock!

Intervista Esclusiva, Un colpo di pistola di Chiara Ragnini: La mia anima è Rock!
Intervista Esclusiva, Un colpo di pistola di Chiara Ragnini: La mia anima è Rock!

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Chiara Ragnini today officially presents its single A gunshot: My soul is rock!

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Chiara Ragnini is a soul musician Rock, just to mention a little ‘also Celentano. The artist is now one of the protagonists of the Italian art scene thanks to the presentation of her latest work A gunshot.

The song shows Chiara Ragnini, Un colpo di pistola, off the typical rhythms of rock and roll but with something extra, aka the electronic element that makes the song a musical experiment a complete success. The higher quality of Chiara Ragnini but is in being able to treat so rhythmic and almost light an important issue such as domestic violence. To tell everything in detail, however, it is the same artist, Chiara Ragnini, exclusively on New Feeling.

A gunshot … It almost sounds like a threat, instead of what this your new single?

The issue is very delicate: A gunshot is about a wrong love, sick, burning like a pistol shot, hitting straight in the deep but without necessarily leaving obvious traces, external.
It ‘a song rather firm, whose arrangement it also reflects the frenzy and anxiety of the story, accompanied by video clips, with strong images, aims to highlight the ambivalence of the relationship between the healthy moments and those disturbed and paradoxical in their being violent. And ‘the hardest song of the whole album, all: I chose this song to come out in a long time and after I proposed, so far, with toned-down image that I belong to a certain point. I think it can also be songwriters with grit and determination, characteristics that have always been part of my journey.

What musical influences has your song?

Of all those who have accompanied me thus far: from electronic to rock, from pop to drum’n’bass. The influences still feel more around the new album, to be released on April 28, where I chose to wear the electro-pop outfit, inspired by recent and past ratings. I discovered artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Subsonica and I let myself captivated by new items like Selah Sue, Belgian songwriter who combines his immediate pop in refined sounds and much groove, Janelle Monae, Ellie Goulding. My plays are always heterogeneous and the point to which I have come now inevitably contains and reflects them all.

Intervista Esclusiva, Un colpo di pistola di Chiara Ragnini La mia anima è Rock
Intervista Esclusiva, Un colpo di pistola di Chiara Ragnini La mia anima è Rock

Currently, besides the promotion of the individual in what you are engaged?

Between December and January I made my first campaign of crowdfunding Musicraiser, with which I was able to bear all costs relating to this second album: more than 220 people from all over Italy participated with great affection and support for the project, which It turned out to be a wonderful adventure especially from the human point of view. In recent weeks they are also at work on the rewards that were chosen: among those who had made available, in addition to the preview of the album than the official release date, we have been writing a new song and the realization of a cover choice. I am in midstream: it was requested about ten covers and ten unpublished, so in the next few months I will be also concentrated in the production of this material, with great pleasure.

It has a look halfway between the coutry rock and punk rock, while your musical soul is …?

Thanks for the country rock look! I actually chose to face a change of course, not only music, of course, but also in terms of image: I like the idea of ​​being more aggressive, in the broadest sense. I wish more would emerge the determination that characterizes both my person that my musical project. My soul is definitely not slow, but rock!

What are your career goals for this 2017?

In the coming months I will be involved, as well as the promotion of the individual, to the promotion of the album La Difference, to be released on 28 April. Live dates will resume in the fall, because in addition to the artistic birth is coming another real birth which will keep me away from the stage for a while ‘, and that’s making me the happiest person in the world. Finally, I love being behind the stage as well as above it: is vice president of the Cultural Imperia Musicale, with which every year I have the pleasure to organize a festival, Imperia Unplugged Festival, in the heart of the historic center of Imperia. For the third edition, scheduled for Tuesday, August 8, we will have guests Ermal Meta and Emanuele Dabbono, two great professionals and great artists. I will not, therefore, with our hands, indeed! 2017 is a year full of success right now and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

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