Exclusive Interview, Rossella Aliano Blood Moon: a world tends to steal your soul

Intervista Esclusiva, Rossella Aliano Blood Moon: Un mondo tutto tende a rubarti l’anima
Intervista Esclusiva, Rossella Aliano Blood Moon: Un mondo tutto tende a rubarti l’anima

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Rossella Aliano from Sicily with fury? The artist presents on New Feeling the song Giuda, from the album Blood Moon.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Rossella Aliano decided to present his latest musical creation to a much wider audience, in fact the song Giuda is perfect for an international music scene! What most distinguishes the world of music, in fact, it is this long-range scope, involving verse nations …

Rossella Aliano in fact is an artist who does not point to remain confined within borders, just as we can infer from his song Giuda that shows an electronic pop arrangement type of American fantasy film. The above is also confirmed by the same artist who did the specific expression in the film Matrix during the interview given exclusively to  New Feeling.

An electronic pop arrangement and a voice enriched with effects … Why the choice of this touch of individuality for Blood Moon?

The piece was conceived in my mind already in the electronic key and tried to make it as faithfully as I had conceived for. The atmosphere I think is important in a song, evoking as much as possible what is being told, and dealing with contemporary issues that I could not use particular sounds or synth effects to create that air “Atomic post” as someone called it.

From what has been inspired this song?

The world around me, a world tends to steal your soul to make you connect with the virtual and signing out from consciousness. We cling to the technology in a desperate attempt to fill a void when in reality we are creating a sinkhole. It is the game of the great illusion, a bit ‘as in “They live” or “Matrix”.

Are you already working on the creation of an album? Care to tell us a bit ‘in which direction it is moving your career?

I have so many other songs in the drawer, surely there will be a third album, but it’s too early to think about it; for now I enjoy the feedback of this work, the tour with the boys of the Blood Moon project. The radios are quite appreciating the single “Judas”, I do not know which direction it can take my career, anything can happen.

There is an artist, more than others, has influenced your art?

Listening to music genres and very different artists together, from electronics space, the songwriting, from rock to classical music, I stop there where something moves me emotionally. Everything is filtered through my feelings, when I write are inevitably influenced by the plays, but there’s an artist in particular that I take as a reference point, if it does not choose, it happens.

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