Silvia Mezzanotte Exclusive Interview, the My Voice judge confesses: I have made many mistakes but …

Silvia Mezzanotte Intervista Esclusiva, il giudice di My Voice confessa: Ho fatto molti errori ma...
Silvia Mezzanotte Intervista Esclusiva, il giudice di My Voice confessa: Ho fatto molti errori ma…

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Silvia Mezzanotte exclusively on New Feeling! The singer tonight along with Cassandra De Rosa and Fabrizio Palma determine the winner of the talent My Voice.

Music, News, Exclusive Interview; Silvia Mezzanotte is increasingly focused on the Italian artistic front, after he came back with the Matia Bazar took part in Tale e Quale Show (Ed. By winning the edition 2016) and is currently one of the judges of the talent My Voice along with Cassandra de Rosa and Fabrizio Palma.

During his career, we learned about Silvia Mezzanotte in many respects, singer, performer, etc … Her vocal talents have always made an exception of the Italian music, enough to be able to enchant the Matia Bazar group that ‘she was chosen as a worthy replacement for Antonella Ruggiero. In fact, one of the memorable performances of the group took place precisely with Silvia Mezzanotte, winner of Sanremo 2002 aka Messaggio D’amore. The Mezzanotte though currently is engaged on a new front, namely that of talen My Voice together precisely to Cassandra De Rosa and Fabrizio Palma. Today, in fact, the artist wanted to tell exclusively in New Feeling this new experience …

We can define Silvia Mezzanotte as an artist capable of reinventing itself thousands of times. The last surprise was to see That and Which Show where she was able to leave everyone speechless. To date he believed to have made the artistic path he hoped would change or something?

I made a thousand mistakes that I do not deny, but they gave me precise directions and the same path … I will make in the future, it ‘s important not to repeat the same, so do not change anything.

We recently had the opportunity to see her in the jury of the talent My Voice, the like to tell us this new experience?

I often participate in competitions, but in this case I was particularly pleased for several reasons: the first was the ‘enthusiasm of Cassandra De Rosa, a beautiful creature that in’ organization of this event has spent so much energy and passion. The second is the special feature of the progress of the evening: the competitors immediately receive a little feedback, independent of whether or not winning a prize. This allows everyone to go home with constructive feedback … Normally only receive a yes or a no…

Silvia Mezzanotte Intervista Esclusiva, il giudice di My Voice confessa: Ho fatto molti errori ma...

What was the advice he gave to competitors of My Voice?

Each received a technical or interpretative helpful tip to its growth

What do you think of the new Italian musical world? What was the thing that most struck the boys in the competition?

I think they have chosen the most beautiful, but the most difficult job in the world. The boys in the competition are all very good, about the Cassandra selections, made with caution and competence.

What we’ll find her engaged in this 2017?

I am preparing a new album that will soon see the light, and I’m leaving for my summer tour.


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