Music, News; People Do South Terroni States signed the new hit … Against Salvini? About 99 Posse?

Musica, News; Gente Do Sud la nuova hit firmata Terroni Uniti.... Contro Salvini? Merito dei 99 Posse
Musica, News; Gente Do Sud la nuova hit firmata Terroni Uniti…. Contro Salvini? Merito dei 99 Posse

Music, News; Do people south of the new hit Terroni States … Against Salvini? When music becomes satire everything else is silent!

Music, News; Terroni uniti conquer the web with Gente Do Sud! But the song would point the finger at an Italian polished, well known for not being particularly sympathetic to the South … Alias Matteo Salvini. From the music always is a favorite means by those soul protests, just think of several rappers who love to use music to say what for them is wrong. (Ed. A practical example is Fabri Fibra with his latest single Fenomeno).

However these days the spotlight is on a new group of musicians fom Naples who calls Terroni Uniti that gave birth to the individual Gente Do Sud. This new song is born precisely as a form of protest against the leader of the Lega Nord Matteo Salvini, who in recent days has been in Naples for a new rally. The population seems to have not liked much of the political discourse so that some musicians have joined together to express their dissent through music. Gente do Sud  was born from an eclectic musician, well known in the music scene … We speak directly Massimo Jovine of 99 Posse who said: “In recent years there have made so many that the idea that the party secretary who hates Naples and Neapolitans think taking off with impunity to Naples to pick up a handful of votes, sends me to manicomio.- explains Massimo Jovine.- “Everyone against Salvini must do its part. Neapolitans have to go down to thousands in the square and we who are artists must do a song. “

The message of the song Gente do Sud is stressed not only by the Neapolitan dialect but also the sound. The music of the song is a mix of ethnic and folk tradition that has always characterized the music of southern Italy. But you already know who the artists who have joined the project? People are part to Terroni Uniti are Eugenio Bennato, brother of Edoardo Bennato, with  Massimo Jovine and Daniele Sepe, Valerio Jovine, M’Barka Ben Taleb, Francesco Di Bella, Simona Boo, Gianni Simioli, Carmine D’Aniello ‘O Rom, Oyoshe, Djarah Akan, Massimo De Vita, Sacha Ricci (99 Posse), Alessandro Aspide, Giuseppe Spinelli, Ciccio Merolla, Andrea Tartaglia, Tueff, Gnut, Ntò, Roberto Colella, Dope One, Pepp-Oh, Valentina Stella, Dario Sansone, Tommaso Primo, Speaker Cenzou, Franco Ricciardi and Joe Petrosino.

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